The Pros and Cons Of Using Wind Energy

Wind energy is a clean and good source of renewable energy that creates electricity. (BBC Article Wind Power) It is actually considered to be the second largest renewable energy after solar energy. That’s why a lot of homeowner all over the world have installed and used wind turbines for their home electricity supply.

This made me think. Can we really save money if we use this wind energy? How do we know if it’s really worth it? Here are some of the pros and cons of wind energy which will somehow deepen our knowledge about this renewable energy.

The Pros of Wind Energy

1) It is free and renewable. You do not have to pay to get wind as it is available almost everywhere.

2) It is clean and produces zero emission, unlike gas, nuclear energy and fossil energy that produce harmful pollutants like sulfur, nitrogen oxide, and CO2.

3) It helps you save money on electricity bill. You can get a substantial reduction in your electricity bill as soon as you install residential wind turbines since these turbines can immediately provide electricity for your home.

4) It is getting more affordable considering the price of wind turbines and its related components have dropped down by up to 85 percent in the past twenty years. As the demands toward this alternative energy increases in the future, the price of wind energy will definitely reduce.

5) If more people will use this kind of renewable energy, a significant amount of carbon footprint can be reduced annually.

6) The use of wind energy is supported by governments worldwide. Many countries around the world have set a goal to supply not less than 20 percent of their national electricity needs from wind energy by year 2020.

7) Unlike the price of fossil energy which often goes up and down due to many factors, the price of wind energy is stable.

8) It creates new jobs and businesses. Did you know that giant wind turbines manufacturers, such as GE and Gamesa, have already hired more than 10,000 employees in different countries? The installation of turbines can create hundreds of construction jobs and as soon as the turbines are in operation, it then creates tons of operation and maintenance jobs.

9) Some countries like UK and the US offer tax incentive to those homeowners who install and use wind turbines.

The Cons of Wind Energy

1) It is not at all times reliable. Areas with low wind speed cannot enjoy the benefits of this renewable energy as most turbines need at least 10mph of wind speed to run normally. Also, even if wind is available everywhere, it is not really available at anytime.

2) It produces noise. Wind turbines make noise from blades movement and other moving parts. Whilst some people do not mind the noise, there are some others who get annoyed with it. There is good news, however, since recently manufactured turbines have been designed to have quiet operation.

3) It can slightly reduce aesthetic value.

4) A quality residential wind turbine requires a costly initial investment.  Manufacturers, however, provide twenty years of warranty for their wind turbines so even with a costly initial investment it still is a good deal.